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tel.: 795 144 333

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tel.: 535 344 995

Presentation and Training Track

This track is ideal for testing vehicles, as well as individual systems of automotive manufacturers. It's also an excellent place for car dealers to present models of off-road cars, SUVs, and crossovers. It consists of 20 modules ranging from 50 to 100m each. More...

Offroad Route

The route includes three Freeride Zones, which make 4km the minimum distance we can cover. The zones differ from each other in difficulty level and surface. The diversity of the route allows us to drive SUVs, Crossovers, and off-road cars. More...

Tor Offroad Gora Kalwaria

Quad Track

The Quad Track consists of a 430m long training track and two advanced tracks with lengths of 870 and 920m. The elevations' amplitude is 9m, and the time to complete one lap estimates to be 3-6 minutes. The Quad Track is surrounded by a Technical Route, allowing you to reach the accident efficiently. More...

Tor Quadowy Gora Kalwaria



Our offroad park was created with the automotive industry in mind. Test the automotive solutions at Poligon4x4!

Tor Offroad Gora Kalwaria



Rent the offroad park for your event or organize it in cooperation with our event agency!

Tor Quadowy Gora Kalwaria



Become an operator at Offroad Park Poligon4x4 and benefit from the sales support of Emotivo brands!

Tor Quadowy Gora Kalwria

Offer for


Working with operators, we conduct offroad and quad rides for individual customers.

Start cooperating with Offroad Park Poligon4x4 today!

We are under construction. Season opening in spring 2023!

Poligon4x4 Offroad Park is the latest project of Emotivo Sp z o.o. - the owner of the brands Prezentmarzeń, Go-Racing, exp-pro, Formula Drive, and the main investor Funzeum. The facility is developed in cooperation with licensed motorsports instructors and professional drivers. Poligon4x4 is located in Góra Kalwaria, and one of its distinguishing features is Poland's most significant Presentation and Training Track. The project's primary goal is to introduce higher quality and safety standards in the offroad market.

Convenient location in the center of Poland:

New standards of

quality and safety

One of the main objectives of the Poligon4x4 Offroad Park project is to introduce new, higher standards of quality and safety in the market of offroad facilities. With licensed instructors, professional drivers, and a team of quality and brand development specialists onboard, Emotivo develops these aspects.

Let's start cooperating!

We are a brand of Emotivo company.
Poligon4x4 Offroad Park is a project of the leader in the leisure industry, Emotivo Company.
We are the owner of the brands:

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