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At Offroad Park Poligon4x4, there is additionally a Quad Track. It has three track configurations - a training track (430m) and two advanced tracks (870m and 920m). An easy and accessible Technical Route surrounds the Quad Track.

The Offroad route includes as many as three Freeride Zones, resulting in a final route length ranging from 4 to about 7 kilometers. It has varying difficulty levels, various surfaces, and a sheer driving time of 60 to 180 minutes. It is designed for off-road cars, SUVs, and crossovers.

Poland's most extensive Presentation and Training Track is our facility's most unique element. It consists of 20 modules with a total length of about 1500m and is ideal for testing vehicles as well as individual systems of automotive manufacturers. It is also an excellent place for car dealers to present models of off-road cars, SUVs, and crossovers.

Test automotive systems and solutions at Offroad Park Poligon4x4.

Present cars to the potential customers and hold vehicle premieres.

Organize events, rides, and automotive events.

Conduct automotive conferences at Offroad Park.

Take advantage of the Offroad Park Poligon4x4 or selected parts of it!


Your own branding space and specially designated areas for media and spectators.


Event and team building space along with conference and catering facilities.


Three independent trails and tracks and a fleet of off-road cars and quads.


Care of licensed instructors and on-site medical and sanitary facilities.

During the cooperation with Poligon4x4 Offroad Park, you receive:

Accident Insurance

First Aid


Fire Brigade

We offer the ability to guarantee the following:

Convenient location in the center of Poland:

New standards of

quality and safety

One of the main objectives of the Poligon4x4 Offroad Park project is to introduce new, higher standards of quality and safety in the market of offroad facilities. With licensed instructors, professional drivers, and a team of quality and brand development specialists onboard, Emotivo develops these aspects.

We are a brand of Emotivo company.
Poligon4x4 Offroad Park is a project of the leader in the leisure industry, Emotivo Company.
We are the owner of the brands:

Let's start cooperating!

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