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Offroad Park



Presentation and Training

A track aimed at the automotive industry and created in cooperation with licensed instructors, with a view to vehicle testing and presentation.


Offroad Extreme

The Offroad Route offers Freeride Zones, making the route length range from 4 to 7km. The difficulty level of the route varies, depending on the chosen configuration.



Quad Track with three different strands - one training and two advanced. It is surrounded by a Technical Route, which allows easy access to each part of it.

Main segments of Poligon4x4 Offroad Park

We are a brand of Emotivo company.
Poligon4x4 Offroad Park is a project of the leader in the leisure industry, Emotivo Company.
We are the owner of the brands:

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New standards of

quality and safety

One of the main objectives of the Poligon4x4 Offroad Park project is to introduce new, higher standards of quality and safety in the market of offroad facilities. With licensed instructors, professional drivers, and a team of quality and brand development specialists onboard, Emotivo develops these aspects.

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